For Students


Thinking About College

Thinking about college. And yourself.

  • What do you most enjoy about high school?
  • When you think about a career, what kinds of work interests you? We’re not asking what job title sounds best – but what elements of work sound most enjoyable.
  • Do you like interacting with lots of people? Solving technical problems? Working in a laboratory? Teaching other people?

These are the important first questions to ask yourself in your college search. The benefits of an ELCA college are numerous, but here are some of the ways in which we help our students in their journeys to their careers.

On Campus at GustavusOur colleges are focused on individual student experiences.

We want to help you figure out what is important to you, and how you can shape a career and a life around those ideals. Keep in mind that your major is not necessarily directly linked to your future career. For example, we have many graduates who majored in history and went on to law school, or who majored in economics and then went on to careers in business.

Our colleges are all liberal arts colleges.

This means that we expect our students to be interested in a lot of different things, and when they graduate, go in any number of different directions.

Our class sizes are small.

You will get to know your faculty members and fellow students. You will be engaged in conversations and discussions, and in science labs you will have many hands-on experiences.

Field HockeyWe want our students to be involved.

Sports … music … volunteer work … being part of the student congregation … small academic groups … juggling club … You are more than just someone who studies. With a variety of activities to get involved in, including competitive, NCAA champion sports teams and other campus organizations, there’s no stopping your bright future at a Lutheran college. You’ll learn a lot outside the classroom, but only if you’re busy, so we’ll help you stay that way.

We are predominantly residential colleges.

Our students live on campus, making it easy for them to get to class, meetings, practice and everything else. They get the chance to focus on the four years of their college education without many distractions. And living in a close-knit community means you will learn the valuable life skill of working with people who are just like you, and people who aren’t like you at all.

We are Lutheran.

We want you to think about your faith. We want you to ask good questions of yourself and your peers. We want you to know as much about yourself and what you believe in as you do about your major.

Where does all this lead for our students? Check out the case for an ELCA education for the real results and visit our individual college pages and request more information. The more you know about the colleges that interest you, the better.