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Why a Faith-Based Education Matters

Why a faith-based education matters

ChapelThere are tremendous differences of opinions about the role faith should have in any education. We wholly believe that a comprehensive education should engage in serious thinking about the meaning of faith in our lives.

As befits a Lutheran group of private colleges and universities (Martin Luther was, after all, someone who delighted in asking difficult questions), we feel that faith is a central part of a comprehensive education. This does not mean we expect students to come to believe a prescribed list of Christian tenets. It means that we feel that a discussion of one’s purpose and the meaning of life is as important as high quality science education, or one’s physical health.

Are we welcoming to every student, or any faith? Yes. Are we the right place for every student? Not necessarily. Students and families who believe that religion should be held entirely separate from higher education will struggle to find their place on our campuses. We demand only that our students believe that faith is important to many people and that it is deserving of respect and lively discussion.

We want our graduates to know who they are. We want them to know how to discern what is important and meaningful. In short, we want them to strive to be complete human beings, and we believe no one can truly strive to achieve such success without a healthy and challenging discussion of faith.