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Four-Year Commitment

Four-year commitment

The single greatest advantage for a student who finishes a bachelor’s degree in four years is avoiding the tuition and fees associated with additional years of study. Students can then focus their attentions on their goals of joining the workforce or continuing their education, rather than securing more financial aid or loans to pay for additional years of undergraduate studies.

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How do our private ELCA colleges sustain high four-year graduation rates? Our success is built upon several key factors.

An ongoing commitment to undergraduate education

Student-TeacherWe look to engage and educate students from the day they set foot on our campuses.

We provide every student with a faculty adviser

The professors at our Lutheran colleges and universities work closely with students to ensure that they are taking courses that will help them graduate. With mentoring relationships that develop during the first semester, faculty advisers are working with students from the get-go.

We expect that the majority of our students will change their minds

As liberal arts colleges, we provide an educational experience that is both structured and flexible, allowing our students the best of both worlds: They can explore, and they can decide in a reasonable amount of time.

We have a careful admissions process

We recruit and enroll students who we think are good matches for our institutions. When we have honest and open conversations about goals and majors with students and families, they can determine if one of our campuses is right for them. If it is, it will be easier for them to graduate on time. Then our admissions counselors work closely with students and families to help them finance their education.

We expect students to complete their education in four years

This keeps them focused on that reasonable goal. It helps sustain their motivation. At the same time, and along the way, we will help them think about next steps in their lives – from medical school to the Peace Corps.