For Parents


For Parents

Next steps for your sons and daughters

Outside LearningYou want what’s best for your sons and daughters. You want someone to treat them as if they are important – because they are.

The colleges of the ELCA are extraordinarily focused on our students. Our whole reason for being is to educate them to become successful and thoughtful young adults. We want them to know who they are and what they can accomplish. We want them to feel supported and challenged so that they will embark upon their careers or further education with confidence.

Parents often identify three concerns about small, private liberal arts colleges.

  1. They worry about the cost.
  2. They worry about the relevance of a liberal arts education.
  3. They wonder about what being a “college of the church” means to students and what it means about the quality of the education.

Affording a Lutheran education

Our colleges work hard to ensure that they are accessible to students from all financial backgrounds through a variety of scholarships, grants, student loans and work opportunities. It also makes a big difference that our students usually graduate in four years – not five or more. Read more about our four-year commitment.

The value of liberal arts

We challenge students to learn in many different ways and to study many different subjects, giving them the background to achieve success in the long term. We believe this prepares them to best meet the changing expectations of the modern world and economy. We also encourage them to be well-rounded learners, participating in outside activities and our competitive NCAA sports teams. See how our graduates rate their college experience.

Focused on faith

We all proudly define ourselves as Lutheran colleges and remain committed to exposing our students to ideas of faith and values. We expect our students to have challenging conversations about what they believe and how those beliefs require them to lead their lives. A faith-based education matters.

Take the next step

Completing our inquiry form is an easy way to receive information from any of our colleges, and we would encourage you to visit our campuses. We look forward to working with you in the years ahead.