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For Non-Lutheran Students

Non-Lutheran students on a Lutheran campus

In order to help explain what kind of students might find an education at one of our campuses ideal, we would like to detail our commitment to several key experiential and educational tenants.

Student-TeacherWe value respect

This is true for students, for our faculty and for our staff. As Lutherans, we believe that every person is important, and whether or not we agree with them, they have the right to their own beliefs. We do not exist for the purpose of changing any student’s beliefs. We exist to help them determine who they are and what they can contribute to their communities.

We believe in a rigorous education

This means that science classes, for example, are taught in a way that prepares our graduates to go on to medical school. It means that we encourage students to think critically, even about religious history. We believe we offer the greatest value to students by helping them fully develop themselves, not by constraining their education in any way.

Over half the students on our campuses are not Lutheran. We welcome their presence. We believe they add to the richness of our campus experiences, and we provide them invaluable opportunities.

We always encourage prospective students and parents to visit our colleges to determine if we have the right campus culture for them.

Our member colleges welcome any questions you might have for us. We look forward to serving the young people with whom you work.