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For Lutheran Students

Lutheran students on a Lutheran campus

The ELCA colleges are committed to developing the young men and women of the greater church body to lead lives of worth and service. We want them to be prepared for a rapidly changing world. We want to help them develop their faith through a thoughtful and challenging education. Here’s how we do it:

Classroom LearningWe are all liberal arts colleges

We challenge students to learn in many different ways and to study many different subjects to prepare them to meet the changing expectations of the modern world and economy. We do not train our students to do any one job. We give them the background to achieve success in the long term, both in their careers and in life. In this respect, the education for Lutheran and non-Lutheran students is identical.

We are all primarily residential institutions

Our students live, study and play on our campuses. We expect them to be contributing members of a community. We actively seek students who have diverse backgrounds and talents. We also offer a rich array of faith-based activities, ranging from traditional chapel services to choirs that sing classic Christian hymns.

We want to enhance our students’ faith

We remain committed to exposing our students to ideas of faith and values. We expect them to have challenging conversations about what they believe and how those beliefs require them to lead their lives. We believe that this will lead them to be stronger people when they leave our campuses, and that they will, therefore, lead meaningful lives.

In short, we look forward to enriching students’ lives, both spiritually and intellectually. Feel free to visit the websites of any of our member colleges for more detailed information about the specific ways in which they engage students, or request information from them.