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For Educators

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Navigating the many options available to young men and women can be a real challenge, from determining the type of institution which might be right for them to ensuring that it can be affordable.

A distinctive experience

StOlafMoveInDay3There are several characteristics that define our institutions.

  1. We are all liberal arts colleges. We believe that an undergraduate education should be rooted in our rich cultural history and intellectual traditions. We want students to have a thorough understanding of themselves and their society when they graduate.
  2. We are all primarily residential colleges. There is terrific educational value in interpersonal collaboration. Our students live together, share meals, practice together and learn together. We seek to develop a strong sense of community among all of our students, as well as a sense of responsibility in each individual young man and woman. With a variety of activities to get involved in, including competitive NCAA champion sports teams and other campus organizations, there’s no stopping a student’s bright future at a Lutheran college.
  3. We believe that the classic residential liberal arts experience is enhanced through direct engagement with faith and values. We do not expect our graduates to leave with a particular ideological structure. We do expect them to enter the world as thoughtful members of society with deeply held beliefs of their own, and respect for faith in general, which will inspire them to lead ethical lives.

Whether your students are Lutheran or non-Lutheran, we offer a valuable, life-changing education. And our graduates agree.

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We encourage you to contact any of our member institutions for more details about our specific campuses. You can also request more information for your students.